Modern words added to the dictionary

Oxford English Dictionary

Over one-thousand words have been added to, or revised in the dictionary including “tweet,” “geekery,” and “flash mob.”

According to a report by Reuters, “follow” and “follower” have expanded entries, and “tweet” also had its entries expanded to include social media terms in the Oxford English Dictionary. The latest version was released on Friday, June 14, 2013.

Typically, a word should be around for at least 10-years before it is added to the dictionary, according to the Oxford English Dictionary’s Chief Editor, John Simpson.

“This breaks at least one OED rule,” Simpson said. “But it seems to be catching on.”

A “flash mob” has been defined as a large group of people organized by means of the Internet, or mobile phones or other wireless devices, who assemble in public to perform a prearranged action together and then quickly disperse.

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