Hail To The Chief: Special Day For Daddy

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It may be a bit early but with Father’s Day just around the corner, I thought I let you know how important this day is to me.  Now, I want to make it perfectly clear that I’m not here to push my family about getting me that free rounds of golf or that new cooking grill.  Well, maybe that grill wouldn’t be bad.

God gave me a special gift.  Its been close to 13 years that I’ve been a father and its been the most enjoyable years of my life.


Recently, a very special buddy of mine became a dad just days ago.  In just those few days, he knows what the real meaning of what responsibility is all about.  He caught on quick and I know he’s going to be a great dad to his son.

aviana baby 2

Responsibility comes with a strong heart and adoration for the child.  As I was growing up, my father had a crazy schedule..similar to mine.  I remember the many times when he would be extremely exhausted after a hard day of work.  But he made it a priority that our time together would be special.  Thats a dad with a strong heart.  Love and laughter were special ingredients my father bestowed on me and I promised myself that those same ingredients would be filtered into my children.

So, to my daughter I say this:  I have watched in amazement as you continue to pursue your dreams with courage and dedication.  Whats even more exciting is the best is yet to come and I’m glad I’m along for the ride.

aviana daddy

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there!! :)

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