Hail To The Chief: You Get Up At What Time?!?!

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I’ve been asked many times, young and old about my schedule.  In my 25 dedicated years in the business, over 20 years has been at WQAD on Good Morning Quad Cities and I love it!  As you probably know, it’s a morning newscast that begins at 4:30 and ends at 7am.  Afterwards, we do a number of news and weather cut-ins for Good Morning America until 9am.  My day ends at noon after our 11am newscast.

The next question that usually follows is ‘what time do you get up?’  Many guesses are made but few are correct.  If you guessed 1am, you’re right!!

WHAT?!?!  ARE YOU NUTS?!?!  Two questions that immediately follow.  Most of my time, before the newscast begins, I’m focused on analyzing all the models and data.  Next, I quickly record my voice for a couple of radios and newspaper websites.  With a few minutes to spare its show time.


No question, the most challenging part of my job is getting this body out of bed at that time of the morning.  Its a killer sometimes!  I course, I have to rely on my reliable alarm clock.  Whats really funny is my other trustworthy alarm clock; my cat, Doppler.  Get this, most of the time, this cat is right there on the bed waking me up with his meowing.  I’m pretty sure he does it just to get that late night midnight snack.


So, how do I do it?  Certainly, my passion plays a big role but so does the great people I work with..namely Jim and Julie.  Great chemistry, informative and fun.  Tri-Js forever!!!