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Gas prices soar in Rock Falls and Sterling

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People filling up at the pump are taking a financial hit as gas prices have gone up again. For those living north of the Quad Cities are forking out more cash than others.

Melissa Williams stops at $50 when filling up her truck, “It was four bucks last night. It's ridiculous.”

Gas in Rock Falls and Sterling, Illinois rose to $4.19 over night.

"I was going to put gas in my car when it was $3.99, but I didn't do it and I didn’t know it was going to go up,” says Julie Olson who was filling up her car.

Illinois average jumped seven cents over the last two days, leaving people like Olson to put in as much as they can afford, “Like right now I’m putting eleven dollars in there, that's it."

$11 only got her two in half gallons, but people living in the Quad Cities are a little bit luckier spending around $3.60 in Iowa and across the river in Illinois spending around $3.77.

"How can it be cheaper in one place and more expensive in another,” says Olson.

High gas prices are putting some people’s plans on hold, "It makes it so I have to cut down like weekend trips and things like that,” says Shelia Cardy.

"We were thinking about going down to Georgia, but depend on these prices,” says Williams

People are just hoping to catch a break soon, "It's hard on people and we're making minimum wage now so that's even harder,” says Olson.