Morrison Police working dozens of credit and debit card fraud cases

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Morrison, Illinois Police said they have received more than two dozen reports of unauthorized transactions on residents’ credit and debit cards.

As of Wednesday, June 5, 2013, Morrison Police were investigating 27 reports from residents who said their credit and debit cards had been compromised.

“Many more cases of fraud have occurred but have not been reported to the Morrison Police due to policies and procedures of some financial institutions and credit card companies,” said Morrison Police Chief Brian Melton.

There was no word on whether the alleged crimes were widespread or if they involved specific retailers or businesses.   Melton also did not say what method might have been used to gain access to the credit and debit cards.

Morrison resident, Alice says she is one of the victims.

"Wells Fargo called me and asked if I purchased something in North Carolina and I said 'No, I'm in Illinois,'" Alice says.

The bank was able to catch the charges and stop them.  Alice says she thinks her card was compromised at a local ATM and is planning on carrying cash until the problem is resolved.

“If any suspicious activity and/or transactions are discovered, please contact your local law enforcement as well as your financial institutions and credit card companies,” Melton said.