Health department hunts West Nile mosquitoes

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The Rock Island County Health Department set mosquito traps around the county in an effort to identify the West Nile virus before it has a chance to spread.

The rainy spring has increased locations where mosquitoes can live and breed in our area, and that can increase the risk for West Nile virus.

Health department officials say it is still, ultimately, up to individuals to protect themselves by wearing long sleeves and long pants to help limit exposure, even though that can be easier said than done in hot weather conditions.

“Between the public doing their part on their property and the cities treating catch basins and other areas like that, we can make a significant impact on reducing the number of mosquitoes and the risk for West Nile virus,” said Paul Guse of the Rock Island County Health Department.

It helps to check and drain areas where standing water collects on your property as well.

Rock Island workers have also begun treating areas where mosquitoes are most likely to breed.

Last year, 12 people died and 290 were sickened with West Nile in Illinois.

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