Website provides professional liars for hire

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The “little white lie” has gone pro with a website that provides alibis for liars. provides a professional lying service to make your fib a little more realistic.

For $54, you get a phone number with a local area code for a person who will tell any story you want.   You can even choose the gender of the liar.

They can provide a fake reference for a job application or landlord referral, a fake buddy to back up a story of where you were at a specific time and date, or someone to help you provide an excuse for missing work.

The service’s website says they “will provide the white lie or alibi that you need regardless the reason, as long as it’s important to you.”

They say they won’t lie to law enforcement, courts, or to employers connected to legal, medical or government positions.

The people behind the service also say it’s totally legal.