Reynolds Students Enjoy Last Day Before School Closes

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Reynolds Elementary School celebrated their last day of school Tuesday.  It is also the last day school will ever be held in that building.

Tuesday, the kids celebrated the last day by having a field day.  They have one every year but this one was special.  Due to budget cuts, the Rockridge School District decided to close down the elementary school.

Though the kids had fun playing games, some of them just couldn’t hide their emotions.

“Well it is kind of sad because my brother and my sister went here,” 5th grader Rebecca Schroeder says. “And my mom, surprisingly!”

For 4th grader Kylie Wells who just joined Reynolds this year, she feels her time here has been cut short.

“I just got used to it,” Kylie explains.  “I like it, I like it a lot and it’s really sad to see it get closed down when it’s one of your favorite schools.  I mean it’s going to get closed down, who knows what they are doing to do with it.”

That is a question retiring Principal Tina Sims wonders as well but for now, her main concern is enjoying her last day with the students.

“We will see how I do at the end of the day but now I just plan on having a good time,” Sims says. “I just want it to be a fun time for the kids, we want them to remember Reynolds fondly.”

KylieWells like the rest of her classmates will be joining Andalusia, Rock Ridge and Taylor Ridge schools and she has already found the silver lining in it all.

“You know when you leave something it’s sad but then you get to meet new friends,” She explains. “There is going to be a lot of new people there to meet and I like friends.  They are something nice to have.”

Reynolds Elementary School was started in 1934.