MidAmerican kills Nuclear Power Plant Talk…for now

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MidAmerican Energy logo

MidAmerican Energy released a study Tuesday saying it would not do any more site work for another nuclear or natural gas power plant in the state of Iowa.

The company called it “premature…to immediately pursue any additional site work on a future generation option, including a nuclear facility.”  The company cited the uncertainty of carbon regulations as one reason why they will not pursue a plant soon.

As previously reported, the company had done soil testing at a site outside of Wilton in Muscatine County. The energy plant would cost about $1 billion to construct and add about 800 jobs.

Many neighbors in the area opposed the idea for fears of their safety. A group called SAFE (Saving America’s Farmground and Environment) came out against the site testing in March.

The company says that residential concerns did not impact their decision in any way. The company also said Tuesday that they would bring up the nuclear or natural gas power plant talk again in another five or six years.