Beyond the Green Screen: Dangerous Rain

Cassie Heiter Weather Blog

On Friday morning my boyfriend and I took a road trip to Louisville, Kentucky. I had a couple of weddings to attend nearby so it made sense to drive instead of fly. The 8 hour drive south was not pleasant but definitely worth it.

It seemed to storm most of the way to our destination. This wasn’t just any rain, it was really coming down in buckets. It was that kind of rain where you have to slow down to about 30mph on a 70mph highway. It was the kind of rain where you can barely see the car in front of you that doesn’t have its headlights on but can also barely see the lanes on the road. I hate that kind of rain!


If pulling over is nearly impossible where you are driving when the rain is pouring like that, slow down and make sure your headlights are on. Those simple steps could prevent a lot of accidents.


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