FEMA offering flood assistance in QC

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FEMA crews are in the Quad Cities this week to help local homeowners register for federal assistance after spring flooding.

Monday, FEMA representatives were at Eagle Ridge School in Silvis, Illinois, to answer questions and help folks with the application process.

Homeowners like Bruno Lee Reyna showed up, calling April rains a "nightmare." Reyna had up to two feet of sewage in his East Moline basement after the pouring rain overwhelmed the sewer system.

"Mercy, it's the worst thing you can do. Jumping in a bowl of, oh man... It's just raw. I mean, it got in my hair, my body, my feet just soaked," said Reyna.

Reyna was joined by dozens of other Rock Island County residents Monday, all dealing with the aftermath of flood damage from April 16th to May 5th.

"Messy. It's dirty, and down the basement, it's moldy and mildew, so you gotta throw away a lot of stuff you've collected," said Randy Farrell.

FEMA has money available for all sorts of damage costs that are not covered by insurance, like temporary home rental and repairs.

"I can guarantee you, if you don't apply, you're not going to receive any assistance. But if you apply for assistance, we will get an inspector to your house in 1 to 3 days," said Marquita Hynes, FEMA specialist.

So far, FEMA has approved more than $70 million in flood assistance in Illinois, and more than 25,000 households have applied and received help.

Representatives will also be at the East Moline Fire Department from 2 p.m. until 7 p.m. on Tuesday and Wednesday.