Motorcycle riders help celebrate birthday of hospice patient

A motorcycle brotherhood initiated a new member into their group as part of a birthday celebration for a hospice patient.

According to a member of the Rock Island Moose Riders, Tom Kettering, the group came to Trinity Hospice to help celebrate the birthday of a fellow motorcycle-rider’s birthday.

Kettering said they brought their bikes for the patient to look at and they planned to chat about all-things-riding.

“Being a biker’s a lifestyle, and they’re great people,” said Kettering. “A lot of times if people don’t get involved in motorcycles, they don’t know that. We’re brothers, we look out for each other.”

During their visit, the group made their new friend a member of the Rock Island Moose Riders.

Kettering said upon meeting, he didn’t know much about his new group-mate, but said, “if he rode bikes, he’s my brother.”


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