Businesses Take A Hit From Flood

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After days of rain and dark skies, the sun finally broke through and plenty of people took advantage of the nice weather, while checking out the river. A wedding party picked the right day to take their pictures at LeClaire Park. By Wednesday, June 5, 2013 water will be covering most of the park.

"It looks like it did work out for us but it seems like over the next couple days we might get a couple more feet up here,” says Colin Demarlie, who was getting married.

No one is more sick of the rain then business owners, like Steve Zuidema, owner of Front Street Brewery, "There's a lot of little businesses down a long this road that just die."

As the water levels rise, it affects the number of customers walking in.

"It affects it quite a bit, if you're not fairly easy to get to, people don't go out of their way too much,” says Zuidema.

He says it’s his regular customers that keep Front Street Brewery from being empty, “They keep coming down no matter what, you know they'll find a way to park and get down here."

However, even through stormy weather, Demarlie says there’s always light at the end, "I got a beautiful bride, a wonderful family here, so I think it's going to be a nice no matter what."

All of the businesses along River Drive are open and owners say no matter how much it does flood, their doors will remain open.