Weather Blows Off Roof and Caves In Foundation

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A Lynn Center resident is gathering the pieces of his home after his roof was blown away in Thursday’s storms.

Wayne Anderson has watching the weather on TV when the wind picked up and he heard a loud crack.

“I ran for the basement,” Wayne told us.  “It was time to leave, I knew that.”

When he came back upstairs, a large piece of his roof was gone and his house was covered in dry wall.  It wasn’t until later that he realized the wind had completely leveled his garage.

Many would be devastated but Wayne says he considers himself lucky.

“I didn’t get hurt or anything,” Wayne says.  “What more can you ask for? Wood and plaster, I can fix that.  That is no big deal.”

In North Henderson, Kellie Hootman and her family are dealing with the opposite problem.  They were sitting at home when they heard a similar crack and realized the foundation on their home had caved in.

“We noticed the water on the side walk starting to flow to the south and we knew it shouldn’t do that,” Kellie explains.  “Within minutes, we heard a big pop and the whole foundation just caved in.”

Her house now held up by floor jacks, Kellie and her family waits for an insurance agent to arrive but still she finds the strength to remain positive

“This is something we just weren’t ready for, but it is what it is. We have some great friends that have really stepped up.  I am blessed for that.”