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Ross’ Restaurant Will Stay In Bettendorf

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Construction crews were out making room for the I-74 Bridge project, but just two doors down, at Ross’ Restaurant there’s been little movement.  It’s the question that has been on their customer’s minds, where will Ross’ go?

"Very upset I love that it's the same building that they've always had,” says Cindy Scheiderman, who goes to Ross’ three times a week.

On Friday, May 31, 2013 Ross’ owners and the Iowa Department of Transportation met to talk about the move.

"We feel like they're going to give us the time that we need to make that transition happen and the pieces of the puzzle are coming together,” says Melissa Freidholf-Rodgers, general manager at Ross’ Restaurant.

They now have decided on a new home. Freidholf-Rodgers wouldn’t give us the exact location, but she said they would be staying close, "We will relocate in Bettendorf which we're thrilled about. We love the city."

Along the way they’ve had some support. There are more than 600 signatures on a Facebook petition to keep the restaurant in Bettendorf.

"I was so surprise by the overwhelming amount of support we've had and it's so heart whelming,” says Freidholf-Rodgers.

They also will receive some financial help from the city too, "They've put together a tiff program for us, for the property we're going to be moving forward on,” says Freidholf-Rodgers.

Although it’s not ideal to leave a place filled with 73 years of memories, "It is sad, but this will actually be our third move, so third time's a charm, and I’m trying to think about it that way,” says Freidholf-Rodgers.

Now with all the puzzle pieces finally together they’re able to move forward.

With their customers not far behind, “As long as they're close and they're local, we'll definitely always be here no matter where they go,” says Scheiderman.

Ross’ didn’t release their move date, but added that they plan on bringing some new items to their menus while still keeping all their customers favorites.