Spring storm downs trees and power lines across QCA

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If you're not facing flash flooding in your neighborhood, it's probably something else - downed trees, no power, or maybe even a "gustnado."

At 5:00pm on Thursday, May 30th, 2013, you could feel the weather change in the Village of East Davenport. It went from sunny and warm to cloudy and windy in a matter of minutes. As the storm made its way across the Quad City area, rapid rain and whipping winds forced people in Eldridge, Iowa to take cover, while downed trees and power lines kept police, fire, and energy crews in Davenport busy.

"I literally just got home from work," recalls Davenport resident, Chris Cerveney. "I pulled up and I literally see trees hanging on our house."

A giant tree split in half right in front of Chris' house off Brady Street, blocking two lanes of traffic just south of East 29th Street.

"I thought something was going to fall," he tells News 8. "I didn't expect it would be like this."

On the other side of the river, people near Prophetstown, Illinois were surprised to see a "gustnado." News 8 Viewer, Jeff Hinton, caught it on video just two miles south in Portland Township, where Susan Bloom lives.

"I was looking to the sky," she says. "It was something that looked like a wall cloud and then the sky was that really strange green color. It was kicking up a lot dirt in the fields so I knew I had to get the dogs in and it was a little scary."

Luckily, no injuries and no damage. According to AccuWeather.com, a "gustnado" is short-lived and its a ground-level rotating cloud that comes in front of a storm. It almost looks like a tornado, but it isn't one.

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