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Parking Facility Could Come to the Village

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The city of Davenport will release its master plans for the Village of East Davenport Thursday night.

For several months now, business owners have discussed what they want done with this area in public meetings. There are still a lot of unknowns, but we now know where the city wants more development.

The city wants to put in more commercial and retail development up on 12th Street in the Cottage Area. The master plan calls for more service restaurants, a grocery store, more health and beauty stores, plus even a parking structure, if deemed necessary.

The city also wants to improve lower Lindsay Park that is south of River Drive. It also wants to renovate marina there for the yacht club.

Thursday's meeting starts at 6 at the Village Theater. There is no word on when construction would start, but the city wants the remodeling done in the next 12 years.