Illinois 8th grader places second in National Spelling Bee

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Pranav Sivakumar photo from

The Scripps National Spelling Bee wrapped up on Thursday and announced its finalists, a 13-year-old from New York placed first, and a 13-year-old from Illinois placed second.

Taking first place in the 2013 bee was Arvind Mahankali from Bayside Hills, New York. This year was his fourth time in-a-row competing. In 2010 Mahankali placed ninth and in both 2011 and 2012 he got third place.

In second was Pranav Sivakumar, an 8th grade student from Tower Lakes, Illinois. Sivakumar has been in this competition three times, tying for 27th place in 2011 and for 22nd place in 2012. In school, he enjoys science and studying space. The middle school student won Best Research Paper and Best-in-Category project in astronomy in the junior division of the Illinois Junior Academy of Science.

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