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Beyond the Green Screen: Stuck in a Flood

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With flooding roadways becoming more and more of an issue as the rain continues to come down in buckets periodically I thought it would be best to review flood safety. When I visit elementary schools or summer camps to talk about weather safety the kids are always amazed of how little water it takes to sweep a car off its tracks. The adults usually have a similar reaction.

You may have heard of the slogan “turn around don’t drown”. There is a reason for that. Have you seen the pictures from this past weekend of all the cars getting stuck in high water and having to be rescued? I’ve seen way too many.


It only takes about 6 inches of water for most drivers to lose control of their vehicles and SUV’s. In 18 inches of water, a vehicle can be forced totally off the road. You may also be surprised of how quickly that water can rise on certain roadways depending on the elevation and how the street is leveled.

Basically, when you see a water covered road you should simply find another route. It may save you a lot of time, hassle, money and even your life in the end.