Beyond the Green Screen: Planning Around the Rain

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With so many people given an extended weekend off, parades and ceremonies taking place, and family gatherings going on this weekend I feel guilty for having to tell you about the rainy forecast we’ve got in place. I know I’m not responsible for the rain but I wish I could bring you better news.

Showers and occasional thunderstorms will continue through early Tuesday. 2 to 4 inches of rainfall is a possibility during that time frame.

As I look ahead to next weekend I’ve been keeping a close eye on what is taking place further south. Next weekend I have two weddings to attend! The wedding on Saturday will be in Louisville, Kentucky and the wedding on Sunday will be held in Cincinnati, Ohio. That’s a lot of traveling in such a short time. So far, the Quad Cities looks to luck out and stay dry most of the weekend but there is a chance for rain where I’m going.

Does it ever seem like the rain follows you on your vacation? I’m beginning to think Mother Nature has it out for me. Good thing I just purchased my first pair of rain boots! Although I’m not quite sure they will go well with my dresses.