Money Stolen from East Moline Little League

For the second time in less than a month, thieves broke into the East Moline Little League concession stand and stole money.

Jon Danley, president of the East Moline Little League, said the robbers stole a small safe with more than $2,700 the first time and an additional $230 the second time.

Danley says every penny made in the concession stand goes to the program.

“We try to be self supported,” Danley says.  “We do all the maintenance on the place, the mowing the field work.  Our tractor just broke down so this is a bad time.”

Danley thinks that it may have been the same person or people both times because the safe was not in an obvious location.

Danley says there are around 300 children in the Little League Program and over 500 children play at Jacobs Park during weekend tournaments. Danley says the money is really being stolen from the children in this program.

“It was like a punch to the stomach, it hurt really, really bad,” he expresses.
East Moline Little League has installed cameras around the stand and plan to bolt down the safe.


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