Hail To The Chief: What A Treat In Abingdon!

What a fabulous time! My visit took me to the wonderful town of Abingdon, Illinois and Hedding Grade School 5th Graders! It all started with a simple request by 5ht Grader Angelina Johnson.

"Hi, Mr Zahara. I'm from Hedding Grade School in Abingdon, Illinois. We're talking about weather in my classroom.  I would love to have you come to my school to talk about weather in my 5th grade class. Just wondering. From: Angelina Johnson"

No hesitation on this request and I made sure that I didn't disappoint.

WOW!!! How 'bout these students!!!  Extremely bright and it showed in the questions they asked. Very impressed. Nice job, teachers!!  It was a wonderful reception. Signed many autographs and in response, I received many 'Thank You' cards, candy treats and the piece de resistance..


DOUBLE WOW!! Check out the cake!  That's Angelina in the middle with her teacher, Khristi Kramer.  The newsroom will be all over this cake today. Thanks for a wonderful time and thank you, Angelina for getting the ball rolling.  Obviously, your classmates agree.  :)


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