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Tornado “proof” building houses Scott County dispatchers

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The images coming out of Moore, Oklahoma show the devastation a tornado can bring.

They also hit home with Scott Emergency Communications Center Director, Brian Hitchcock, who knows first-hand the importance of emergency responders during times of crisis.

Consider one two-year old building in northwest Davenport “command central.”

In addition to housing Scott county dispatchers, there are also fortified meeting rooms  for emergency response teams.

There are also two rooms in the facility that can withstand an EF-5 tornado.

One is the data center, which ensures communication won’t be lost through the most powerful of storms.

“We wanted to make something that we had the ability to continue with our communications,” said Hitchcock. “Even those at the facility can withstand an F-5 tornado.”

It’s also a green facility and is powered by geo-thermal energy.

In addition to all the technological advancements of the building, Hitchcock says the most basic of construction including concrete and steel sets it apart from other dispatch centers.