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Man looks to sell guns out of Davenport garage

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A Davenport man's plan to sell guns out of his garage has some neighbors up in arms.

Kye Staples runs a business called The Gun Cave out of his garage on West 45th Street. The U.S. Marine already deals in ammo and gun accessories, and he wants to expand his business to include firearms.

"All I'm looking to do is have a private, side business where I have the ability to sell firearms to responsible people who are qualified to use them," said Staples.

Wednesday, the father of two said safety is a top priority, pointing to a security system he's installed and vast firearms experience.

"I've got a 6-year-old, and I've got an 11-year-old. I'm not going to jeopardize their safety, or the safety of the neighbors, or anybody else. Everything we've done is to the "T," by the book," said Staples.

The plan, though, is still raising some neighbors' concern.

"It's not so much what he's selling, although I'm not really thrilled about what he's selling. A lot of it is that I don't want a business in the neighborhood," said Pamela Egert.

Egert said she'd be upset even if Staples wanted to sell something as uncontroversial as teddy bears.

"It still would be an issue for me, especially if it's a very popular teddy bear," said Egert.

Other neighbors, though, said the situation has been blown out of proportion.

"I think it's actually going to work out good, and everybody's got a right to work out of their home, you know, have their own business and do it right, and do it honest," said Mark Freeman.

"I think the neighbors have a wrong idea of it. They think there's going to be a lot of traffic, but he's going to do it by appointment, so I don't see a problem with it," added Denverd Hutton.

Traffic worries are just one rumor Staples is hoping to put to rest, saying that sales will be by appointment only, and only within designated time frames. He's also made himself available to neighbors who want to voice their concerns.

"My door's open. If they wanted to come in and talk to me about what's going on, by all means," said Staples.

Davenport's Zoning Board of Adjustment will hold a hearing for Staples' business on Thursday, May 23. The board will then decide whether to grant him a permit to sell firearms out of his home.