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Local center offers unprecedented laser cataract surgery

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A center that performs more than half of all cataract procedures in our area can now perform those procedures with a femtosecond laser.

Three to four million cases of cataracts happen every year in the U.S.  Thousands are in the Quad Cities area, and more than 60% of the procedures in our region are performed at Spring Park Surgery Center in Davenport, Iowa.

Cataracts are a common condition in which the lens, which is behind the iris in the eye, becomes progressively cloudy.  The condition makes vision fuzzy, and when vision can no longer be improved with glasses or contacts, surgery is the only option.

Traditional cataract surgery is now being replaced with the use of an OptiMedicaCatalysTM Precision Laser System.   It is a femtosecond laser system which allows for a gentler, highly customized procedure with unprecedented precision which, combined with advanced technology lens implants, can reduce or eliminate patient dependence on glasses after cataract removal.

The system is available in ten countries around the world, and locally at Spring Park Surgery Center in Davenport.   The center is the first location between Chicago and Des Moines to have the system.

“In accordance with federal regulations, the femtosecond cataract laser will initially be limited to patients seeking elective refractive enhancement (optical procedures not covered by insurance or Medicare) in combination with approved and insured cataract operations,” according to a spokesman for Spring Park Surgery Center, L.L.C.

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