Four arrested after fight causing vehicle damage and injury

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Two adults and two minors were arrested in connection with a fight that damaged a vehicle and injured someone’s hand.

According to the East Moline Police Department, 23-year-old Jeremy Munday and 22-year-old Juan Pizano were arrested after a fight on Tuesday, May 21.

East Moline Police said Munday and Pizano are accused of using baseball bats to damage a Ford F150 truck as well as hitting a 16-year-old causing a hand injury.

It is suspected that the teenager and the two men knew each other and are allegedly in rival gangs.

Officials say the two Rock Island men are being held in the Rock Island County jail both on $75,000 bond.

Two 16-year-olds from Moline and East Moline were also arrested in connection with the fight and are being held at Mary Davis Juvenile Detention Center, police said.