Local School Feels Prepared if Tornado Comes

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Dewitt Central Middle and Intermediate School Principal Jim Wichman says he can't help but see his own students when he looks at the damage at Briarwood Elementary in Oklahoma.

Wichman says Dewitt Central is as safe as it can be and has various tornado safe locations.  They practice using them in drills 4 times a year and the students seem to be paying attention.

“If a tornado hit, I would feel safe because we take tornado drills very seriously,” 8th grader Hannah Butler tells us.

“Parents should feel confident that as safe as their kids can possibly be, they will be here at Central,” Wichman adds.

Parent, Kerri Olson seems to agree.

“They practice the drills on a regular basis so I think my child would be safe in the event of a tornado,” Olson says.

Principal Wichman says he has the teachers to thank for the students safety and the parents’ confidence in his school.

“I am 100 percent confident that our teachers love their students.”  Wichman adds, “They would do anything to get the students to the destination they need to be for safety.”

The Iowa's School Board Association sent out a Natural Disasters Tool-Kit to all districts with reminders of how best to prepare and handle things in the event of an emergency.