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Gas prices have risen since the end of last week

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Gas prices have risen from just a few days ago.

Iowa Quad Citians were paying about $3.87 on Monday, May 20, 2013, while drivers on the Illinois side of the Q.C. were paying about $3.95.

The national average on Monday was $3.64.

According to AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge report, on average, drivers in the entire state of Iowa were paying $4.01 per gallon for regular gas on Monday, and $3.93 for Mid-grade. Regular gas in Iowa was up more than 30-cents from Friday, May 17, 2013.

The state average for Illinois was $4.05 per gallon of regular gas, up about 5-cents from Friday.

The cheapest gas in the United States was being sold in South Carolina on Monday, where drivers were paying an average of $3.23 per gallon of regular gas.