Geneseo Police asking for information about suspicous traffic stop

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The Geneseo Police Department is asking the public for information regarding a suspicious traffic stop.

According to police, shortly before 6 a.m. on Thursday May 16, 2013 a dark-colored car made a traffic stop in the 800-block of N. Chicago Street in Geneseo. The driver of the car was roughly 5-foot, 6-inches tall and heavy-set with a beard and around 30-years-old.  He was wearing a tan colored uniform-type shirt and brown pants, both lacking department identification.

The driver of the car that was stopped was not issued any police-related paperwork and was unharmed.

The Geneseo Police Department is asking for information from anyone who may have seen the event or anything unusual in the area.

Also, if you were involved in a traffic stop that matches this situation, contact the Geneseo Police Department at 309-944-5141. Or you can call the Henry County Crime Stoppers at 309-937-2324.

Authorities recommend that anyone who is suspicious of a potential police traffic stop from an unmarked police car should follow traffic laws, call 9-1-1, and drive to a well-lit area that is heavily populated.

Any legitimate police officer will be able to show you a badge and identification.