FOLLOW UP: Parents Say Traffic Safety Around School Has Not Improved

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It's not what's happening in school, but before and after school that has parents in Moline concerned.

News 8's Angie Sharp investigated traffic safety surrounding Wilson Middle School in February 2013. However, three months later, some parents say it's not getting any better.

The city has made some changes since February. The crosswalk on 48th Street Place has moved from the right side of the school's exit drive to the left side, so that traffic coming out of the school won't cross where students are crossing. However, the large yellow pedestrian signs - and some students -- have not made the switch yet.

"The kids are still using the old one because they're used to that location even though it's pretty worn away," says Heidi Pedersen, who has a son in 8th grade.

Some parents say the problem doesn't necessarily have to do with the crosswalk, but with the traffic on 48th Street Place.

"People who are not picking up children here speed by, just licitly split," says one grandmother who was picking up her 8th grade grandson and did not want to share her name.

What's more, News 8 observed several cars driving by and not stopping for kids waiting to cross on the crosswalk, which is illegal according to Illinois law. If a driver breaks that law, they could be fined at least $150 for a first time offense and at least $300 for every offense after that.

"My biggest fear is somebody getting hit, hurt, or killed by a moving vehicle," says Thaaryn Whitehead, who has a daughter in 7th grade.

Parents say more signage would help the traffic issues, as well as police presence or maybe even roadside speedometers. Whatever the solution, they hope three months from now when school is back in session in the fall, the traffic problem is fixed.