Hail To The Chief: The Magic Of The Green Screen

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When you see me on television, you see me and the maps behind me.  In the studio, I’m actually in front of a blank green wall.  So, how does it really work?


A computer in the director’s booth can tune into the green color and replace every green pixel with a pixel from another picture. In this case, one of my weather maps.  I can see myself as well as the picture behind me with the help of a television monitor to my right and the camera in front of me.


Most movies you see are based on one or more, small or large green screens to create incredible special effects!

Iif I happen to wear something green, the computer will perform its magic on that item resulting in a hole within me!  Many moons ago, I rented a cheap, green suit.  I looked like a gigantic leprechaun man.  I got in front of the wall and sure enough, all you can see were my hands and my head.  What a riot!


Great example above!  No wonder my belly is bothering me!  Haha!!  When we give tours at the station, one thing that is always a sure hit is personally experiencing the green wall.  I swear, I should charge admission!  This would be the perfect holiday gift.  :)