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Some misdemeanor convictions in Iowa now require DNA submission

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People convicted of certain misdemeanors will also now be required to submit a DNA sample to the state of Iowa.

That’s the result of a new law signed by Iowa Governor Terry Branstad on Wednesday, May 15, 2013.

The law increases the list of convictions for which a DNA sample can be required.  Instead of felony and violent crime convictions, the law now allows for the collection of a DNA sample from people convicted of aggravated misdemeanors.

Examples of aggravated misdemeanors in Iowa include third-degree theft amounting to $500 to $1,000; bodily injury with a weapon, tampering with records, and prostitution.  The law already requires DNA samples for convicted sex offenders and felons.

Not all aggravated misdemeanors will require DNA sample submissions.  Those excluded from the requirement include OWI second offense, motor vehicle offenses, hazardous waste offenses, agricultural offenses and gambling/betting offenses.

The law takes effect July 1, 2014.


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