Crews to Make Halligan Building an Apartment Complex

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Davenport City Leaders will discuss a rezoning request for the Halligan Coffee Company Building Wednesday night.

City Council documents show the building was built back in 1907. Downtown Developer Joe Erenberger wants to re-build the factory.

The factory houses the American Food Service Equipment company now. The company recently said it would move to make way for the new development.

Erenberger wants to build a $7 million complex with 45 units inside. He also applied for state grants to do the project. Erenberger wants to keep the brick walls and warehouse look in tact once the building opens again.

Construction is supposed to start this summer or fall. No word on when construction will be complete.

Davenport city leaders will not approve the rezoning request Wednesday, but the meeting starts at 5:30 at Davenport's City Hall. The Halligan Building is in the Crescent Warehouse District.