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Hail To The Chief: Trouble Comes In Threes

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In a span of 8 hours my “trouble comes in threes” occurred. Now, I’m not superstitious or have OCD but I can’t help but scratch my head on this one.  It started on Saturday afternoon when we had those crazy winds gusting around 45 mph.  While shopping on 53rd we came out to find a woman putting her insurance information on my car.  Due to the high winds her car door slammed into mine and put a big dent with scratches on the front door.


Ok.  Accidents happen.  The driver departs.  As I’m sitting in my car reporting the incident another driver pulls into the same slot.  She gets out holding her door, (WHEW) only to open her back door and WHAMMO, another blast of wind and another dent, now on the back passenger door with black scratches.  Double UGH!!  My wife and I decided the garage is the safest place for us.

Fast forward to late that night.  I’m in a deep sleep, when all of a sudden, BOOM!!  What the !@#$%^&!!!!   What was amazing is that the rest of my family remained in a deep sleep!  How do they do that!  From the bedroom window, It appeared that several of my neighbors were surrounding my front driveway near my mailbox.  Uh oh.  I went outside to see the mailbox itself was in pieces.  Triple UGH!!


Fortunately, the driver (my neighbor) was fine.  His car was not.  I broke the tension to the driver and asked if I had any mail available.  We had a good laugh.  After all, its just a mailbox.  Tell that to my wife.  After he help clean up the mess, I eventually went back to bed trying to figure out how to explain this story.

The next morning, I was fearing the worst from my wife..and on Mothers Day of all days!  Surprisingly, she wasn’t upset.  She was more concerned about our neighbor than her tulips and clematis that were surrounding the mailbox.

So there you have it.  Three accidents, three insurance companies.  Should I be superstitious?  Nah!!!!