Fechner Family Brat Recipe


This recipe, passed on for generations, was used by my grandfather, Karl Filippi. It’s a Hungarian brat, popular among German communities along the Danube River in Yugoslavia, that has a little hot, garlic kick behind it.

Simply mix the dry ingredients together and slowly pour in water, a little at a time, as you mix everything together by hand.

- 100 lbs. of pork shoulder

- 18 heaping tablespoons of salt

- 1 lb. sweet red Szeged paprika

- 10 heaping tablespoons of black pepper

- 3 heaping tablespoons of seasoned salt

- 3 heaping tablespoons of garlic powder

- 1 heaping tablespoon of cayenne pepper

- 1 gallon of water

brat2 brat3



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