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Boaters Should Keep Safety In Mind This Season

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With boating season around the corner the Iowa Department of Resources would like to remind boaters to be safe out on the water. Doreen Youngberg lives on her boat on the weekends.

"It's a lifestyle," says Youngberg.

However, out on the open anything can happen, "Safety is at most importance. I don't care what size vessel you have," says Doreen.

Iowa DNR conservation officer, Jeff Harrison says boaters should monitor weather conditions before going out,  "Wind can be very hazardous on the water."

With water levels being high it can push a lot of debris around as well.

"The stuff you can't see that you can hit, can damage a vessel or leave you stranded," says Youngberg.

Before heading out on the water people should make sure to check their equipment to make sure everything is working well.