Hail To The Chief: What An Adventure!!

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My school visit took me to the wonderful town of Monmouth, Illinois and Red Storm Country.  At first, I thought I wasn’t going to arrive on time as my GPS in my car failed me sending me to the High School instead of the Junior High.  Whew!!  Fortunately, I still managed to make it on time and to be greeted to close to one hundred eighth graders!

20130508_083236 20130508_085542

Wow!!!  Fabulous group and extremely inspired students as well. Questions ranged from major courses related to meteorology, the importance of receiving a good education, to the severe weather outlook for this spring and summer. They even presented me with a Red Storm shirt!  I’ll be running in this along the river this weekend!


Big thanks go to Sara Ryner who not only set up the visit but took some of the great pictures as well.  We’re already setting up the next visit.  My GPS will be ready next time.