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Local police talk Cleveland case

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Local police departments are backing the badge in the case of the missing women found in Cleveland, Ohio, but say the case should serve as a careful reminder about the importance of follow-up in the field.

Maj. Don Schaeffer, Assistant Police Chief with the Davenport Police Department says he planned on discussing the case at a regularly scheduled meeting with his fellow officers Wednesday.

"I'm going to talk to them about Cleveland and tell them there were three (alleged) calls to this residence before hand, to look for the red flags and the gut feelings, and respond to them," he said.

Some are questioning if Cleveland cops missed clues and there are reports some calls by neighbors may not have been followed up.

Maj. Schaeffer says he's not criticizing Cleveland police, but says the case will be used as a continuing lesson for the men and women on the force.

"I would rather have them respond correctly to 99 false alarms, than take it, oh, it's just another false alarm," he said.