Allergy Season May Be Worse Than Before

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Allergy season is here and it is later than usual this year.  Due to the colder weather and amount of rain we have seen, Dr. Mark Blaser says this allergy season is unique.

“Trees tend to pollinate in their own time,” Blaser says.  The allergist says the trees got off to a late start.  “The trees that tend to pollinate the early ones are late and the later ones are on time and they are all coming together for a big explosion over the past week.”

Moline resident Jerry Rounds says he is affected by allergies.

“Oh my eyes water and itch,” Rounds describes.  “You got all the dandelions and all the flowers that are pollinating and they are causing people trouble.”

Dr. Blaser says that is not the case.  Blaser says the pretty blooming trees get all the flack but it is actually the trees without the flowers that cause the most trouble.

The trouble caused by allergens is different for everyone. Dr. Blaser suggests seeing a pharmacist for the correct medicine and if over the counter options don’t work, to see an allergist.

Blaser also tells us letting the air conditioning run in your house is a good way to filter out allergens from your home.