New system gets the vote from Dixon

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Voters in Dixon, Iowa hit the polls Tuesday with a new tool aimed at making the process faster and more efficient.

If successful, it could be implemented throughout the rest of the state.

Voters liker Bruce Dahms seemed to like the new system.

"They didn't have to search my name in the data registry, in the book,” he said. “I just gave them my driver's license and they took it and they scanned it- done deal."

He’s part of a new voting initiative that was tested out in Dixon.

The process, called "Iowa Express Voter," is supposed to make voting a lot easier.

All you have to do is have your voter registration card or your driver's license and give it to the election official and have them scan your information.

"I think this new electronic thing, showing the ID's and stuff, I think it's awesome," said Sue Motz, another voter.

The process also makes it easier for workers who don't have to type in the information manually.

But, voters could still give out their card if they didn't want it scanned.

That could change if the Iowa Secretary of State's Office has its way.

It's in favor of a Republican-backed bill that would require photo ID to be shown at the polls.

"I think that would be a good thing in light of all the immigration problems that we have, yeah," said Dahms.

Democrats say it could keep some eligible voters from voting and that's why they want to keep things the way they are now.

"As long as the voting is legal and everything's done right, I have no qualms over it," said Motz.

One thing everyone seemed to agree with, Dixon gets their vote for best test subject for the new voting procedure.

"We're a small town, but we like to stay advanced," she said.

The election, which was really just a vote on a water issue in town, was a test run for whether the county uses the system in the future.

If it goes well, Scott County may put the systems in to all polling places in September.