Beyond the Green Screen: I’ll be Showing in June!

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I grew up in Kentucky but by no means would I consider myself a farm girl. I grew up in suburban Louisville which was about 15 minutes from downtown Louisville. I loved gardening with my grandfather and had spent maybe a handful of days on an actual farm when I would visit extended family for reunions. There were never any pigs on these farms, which I knew of.

Yesterday the News Director came into the weather center smiling. My out loud response was “uh-oh”. I knew he would have an odd request. I’ve been asked to drive a snowplow, fly a plane, reveal a woman’s makeover, drive a tractor, interview comedian Tom Green, participate in taco eating contests, sit in a dunking booth, judge pies and many other tasks. These are not necessarily bad things, but things that you don’t expect to be asked when you stroll into work on a typical Monday. He informed me that I had been requested to show a pig at the Rock Island county fair next month.


I don’t know that I could tell you much about pigs but I can tell you I’m a little nervous. Do they run fast? Should I purchase rain boots in case I need to walk in mud or worse…? I probably should. I’ve been meaning to get rain boots for a while now.

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