LEGO apologizes for “Hey, babe!” sticker

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Lego stickers photo posted to Josh Stearns tumblr account

A father of two boys says LEGOs has apologized after he called them out for a sticker featuring a construction worker waving and shouting, “Hey, babe!”

ABC News reported Josh Stearns posted photos that included one of the LEGOs stickers on his Tumblr account, along with his comment that the message sent by the sticker promoted harassment.

“I was so disappointed to see the brand affiliated with a product that normalized street harassment and cat calling,” Stearns said.

“Needless to say, I didn’t buy the stickers,” Stearns continued.

In a follow-up Tumblr post, Stearns said a LEGOs spokesperson sent him an email that was “fairly standard, and didn’t reference the content of my concerns or the specifics of this product except to say, ‘To communicate the LEGO experience to children we typically use humor and we are sorry that you were unhappy with the way a minifigure was portrayed here.’”

Stearns said a second response from LEGOs was more detailed, saying “the product is no longer available and we would not approve such a product again.”