QC Event Celebrates Local Breweries

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Beer lovers in the Quad Cities are coming together this week as a popular interest has launched Quad Cities first Craft Beer Week.  It’s a weeklong celebration that has brewing communities teaming up.

A lot of love and care goes into making a crafted beer.

 "It will sit here and boil and we'll take the liquid and it will move into the fermenters,” says Bent River’s assistant manager, Roger Hendrickson.

A lot of hours too, "Our brewers are here six to seven days a week brewing,” says Hendrickson.

Beer lovers like Tim VanHecke says it’s worth every minute, "its way more flavorful then your regular brewed beer."

It’s an interest that is becoming more popular, which is with Quad City Craft Beer Week started.  

More people are picking up the hobby too says Julie Keehn, owner of Camp McClellan Cellars in Davenport, "I think its fun and it allows you to express a little bit of art, a little bit of your own style."

The event brings awareness to local businesses, "I think it's important to support local businesses in general but this is something that's a fun kind of atmosphere,” says Hendrickson.

Also a brewing community together, "What we're trying to do is make this one big group of people who enjoy beer,” says Keehn.

Special events will go on until May 11, 2013.