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Credit Island fire deemed accidental

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Investigators said fire that heavily damaged the Credit Island Lodge was accidental and it remains uncertain whether the building can be salvaged.

The fire was reported at about 8 a.m. Thursday, May 2, 2013 when someone in the area of Sunset Park in Rock Island, Illinois saw smoke and flames coming from the building’s roof.

Ceilings collapsed in the building, forcing firefighters to attack the blaze defensively from the building’s exterior.   Recent flooding made it challenging to pump debris-filled water from the river to help in the firefight.

The day after the fire, a spokesperson for the City of Davenport said investigators could not determine an exact cause of the fire because of the amount of damage to the building.  They did determine that the cause was accidental.

Investigators said the fire started near the second-floor bathrooms close to the northwest corner of the building.

The city administrator planned to hire an engineer to assess whether or not the building could be repaired.

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