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News 8 Asks Gov. Branstad – Where’s The Education Funding?

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School districts across Iowa are dealing with the same problem right now.

Students, parents, teachers, and school boards are still waiting to find out how much money their school district will receive from the state for the 2013-14 school year.

In Davenport, the school board voted on April 12th, 2013 to cut more than $3.2 million without knowing how much money they will get from the state. The unknowns have even caused the district's Resource Allocation Committee to suggest an outsourcing study on some of its positions, such as custodians.

On Thursday, May 2nd, 2013, News 8's Angie Sharp asked Iowa Governor Terry Branstad for answers. Meeting Gov. Branstad at an event in Burlington, Iowa, he said Senate Democrats still have not passed an education reform bill, which includes state aid for school districts.

"This bill passed the House on February 20th," he said. "The Senate didn't get around to it for weeks and weeks and weeks."

Gov. Branstad says the education reform bill includes 4% additional spending, but the sticking point is teacher and student assessments. He says legislators cannot pass one without agreeing on the other.

"We're shortchanging our kids if we don't focus on things that are going to get results and higher achievements that benefit all of our children."

Gov. Branstad says he's hopeful the bill will be on his desk and ready to sign in the next couple days.

Iowa State Democrats say schools need more time to digest the changes made last year before beginning on new assessment programs, which could be one reason why they aren't ready to approve the education reform bill during this legislative season.

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