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Illinois dad worries genius son won’t get education he needs

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Five-year-old Gus Dorman is bilingual, plays piano and has a 147 IQ, but his dad is worried that Illinois public schools are not equipped to educate genius kids.

KTVI reports Rob Dorman said his son began learning using apps on his iPod Touch and iPad.  Dorman says easy access to technology and apps is creating a new generation of kids “hyper-learning” before they even set foot in a traditional classroom.

Dorman says Gus sometimes complains about being bored in kindergarten.  He says he praises educators in Collinsville, where they live, for trying to find solutions for higher-achieving students.

But, he says, the state of Illinois is ill-equipped to address the widening digital divide.

“They don’t really concentrate on the higher-achieving kids,” Dorman said.  “Gifted programs are not mandated in Illinois.”