Hail To The Chief: We’ll Miss You Uncle Larry

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This was a bummer to hear about.  I learned that Larry Lujack, legendary “Superjock," from Chicago, a Radio Hall of Famer and one of broadcasting’s all-time originals, has died of cancer at 73 on December 18.  An entire generation grew up listening to him , as did I.

Every morning, I would enjoy a hardy breakfast with my family and at the same time listen to the news and of course, the weather on WLS Radio.  But, there was a segment that would make you blow up with laughter.  ANIMAL STORIES!


Thats right!  In the morning with Larry Lujack and Tommy Edwards.  Otherwise known as 'Uncle Lar' and Lil' Tommy'.  Check it out!

It was a segment based on the latest usual and many cases unusual animal stories across the globe.   It only lasted for ten minutes but it was a segment that many listeners waited for.  At the same time, It was the most listened to radio show in the morning.  Oh, how I miss those days.  Rest In Peace, Uncle Larry.  Thanks for the laughs.