Police resume digging for human remains of missing man

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Moline investigators have returned to a wooded area in Milan to search for human remains of Jerry Wolking, a man missing since 1990.

The excavation was halted during last week's wet weather, but resumed Tuesday morning.

A small John Deere excavator manned by a city worker dug layer by layer through the soil, on land once owned by relatives of a long-time person of interest in the unsolved case, who has since died.

"They just told us they were working on a cold case, that they'd be working in the neighborhood, that it was a recovery", said Connie Donnelly, who lives in the house next door to the dig.

Wolking, a 52-year old John Deere worker, disappeared in October of 1990. His Chevy Suburban was discovered days later in the parking lot of the Quad City Airport. There was blood found inside the vehicle.

Cadaver dogs were brought to the area in question last week.

"I just feel bad for the family and I hope they're able to find some closure real soon and if he is in fact there, they do recover him", said Donnelly.