Black Hawk Statue Has Special Meaning to Quad City Woman

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Much like the Centennial Bridge or Old Main, the Black Hawk statue on 11st Street in Rock Island is a local landmark that means - Quad Cities. But for Sandi Mueller, it means something even more.

"When I see this statue, it makes me think of my Dad," she tells News 8's Angie Sharp.

Sandi's dad, Marvin "Mac" McCulley, was the operating engineer who set the two-sided metal figurine in place using an old P&H crane.

"It was very unique to the area at that time," Sandi says. "There weren't many that could reach that tall. I'm sure it was much like today. There were probably news people. It was a big deal putting Mr. Chief Black Hawk up here."

However, today - April 30th, 2013 - the historic icon holds another memory.

"Today is the 25th anniversary of my Dad's passing," Sandi says.

Sandi says her dad worked until he was 72 and was known for his starched white engineer's hat.

"He was what was known as a grease monkey back in the day. He could fix anything, work on anything, build anything."

Decade have gone by, but the statue will stay in its place. A local landmark that represents not just a war leader standing high above the ground, but a Quad City worker who was taken high in the sky to put it all together.

"Now I know a lot of other people that will look at this statue and think of my Dad and that's kind of an awesome tribute to him, because he was just a meek little scruffy Irishman and just wanted to help whoever he could help, so it's an awesome memory to leave."