Hail To The Chief: Ominous Pattern Follows Years Warmest

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No doubt, the main weather ingredients for these last couple of days of April has an overdose of spring air followed by a touch of summer’s warmth.  Unfortunately, once I saw how the later half of the week and weekend were going to shape up, I had to grab the aspirin.  Yep, here we go again as I see another bout of steady rains and much cooler, below normal temperatures.

Model forecasts are reinstating a very wet pattern by taking a system from the lower Mississippi valley and crawling it across the area both late Wednesday and lasting right through Friday.   Most hometowns could likely receive around 1 to 2 inches during this period.  Here’s where the picture get even soggier.  This weekend and through early next week, Mother Nature will be like a crossing guard and position her stop sign over eastern Canada.

toBlog picture1

This will allow the system for no so called ‘escape route’ and thus spin over the Midwest generating waves of light rainfall and temperatures in the 50s with hometowns just to our north in the 40s.

Last graphic courtesy of WGN graphics department.

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